BEARable Beers

WARNING: I am typing this with a couple of beers in me while watching Dr. Who repeats… so forgive me for any grammatical errors.

So on my trip to San Diego I tried so hard to not get any beers I can get here in Missouri… This next beer is Green Flash’s Hop Head Red Ale… You know what beer has just entered Missouri’s market? Green Flash… Oh well, good local beer close to its source.

Nice bright amber color with a huge three finger head, which leaves behind fantastic lacing.

The aroma really tricked me. If put in front of me in a smell test I woulda guessed IPA; lots of hops, lots of grapefruit, and some citrus notes.

The taste… well pretty similar to the aroma, and in turn an IPA. Lots of hops and some bitterness upfront; along with some earthy pine flavors. Finally it ends in a lovely caramel aftertaste.

Has a pretty full mouth… overall a pretty filling brew.

With this depression I am feeling from not being able to experience these brews again for a while is relieved a bit by the fact that I try this beer anytime I want now. 

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