BEARable Beers

Day two did not offer much (if anything) in way of beer, just in personal advancement, so we will skip to day three. 

Day three was a day trip to Fort Collins where we visited New Belgium Brewery. What a great tour they put on. We first got a free glass of whatever we wanted: For me it was their Cocoa Molé, and for my girlfriend it was Tart Lychee. 

Cocoa Molé:

Cocoa Molé is a Chile Ale that is full of pepper scents and flavors, but not as much as with other pepper ales since their mixtures of multiple chocolate malts take the foreground. 

Tart Lychee:

Maybe another bad choice since this was one they gave us on tour. It is brewed with the Lychee fruit which is a very sweet strawberry like fruit, the lychee ale is then mixed with one of their countless brews fermenting in their barrels (as seen in the last picture), this one happens to be a sour. Both these are blended perfectly in the taste. 

First brew on the tour was their Belgo IPA.

Belgo IPA:

They are called New Belgium for a reason and this is a good example, this is their take on Belgium’s take on an American brew. The nose and taste are one another’s opposite. The nose is very strong in banana and grapefruit scents with a some what subdued hoppy smell, luckily for me the taste had a strong bitterness from the countless hops within, with a slight taste of Belgium yeast in the background. 

The next beer was Biere de Mars:

This one has mainly a nose of brett with a bit of caramel. The taste is a complex mixture of citrus fruits, piney hops, a smooth Belgium yeast backbone a bit of the caramel in there. 

The Next one was the Tart Lychee, then Fat Tire which does not require much of an explanation, then finally Ranger IPA out of a can, which was canned that day. 

Ranger IPA:

This one has kind of a cool name on how it was named… New Belgium calls their sales crew, who goes out and talks with the liquor stores and bars, rangers, and they kept coming back again and again begging them to brew an IPA since that is what everyone was asking for, this was of course before Belgo, and finally they did and they named it after them.. the Rangers.