BEARable Beers

So every year Weston, Missouri, the town that is home to McCormick Distilling and Weston Brewing Company, has an Irishfest… It’s kinda lame. But I like beer. So we went. 


Top: This is a black and tan made with WBC Prototype Stout and WBC Leapin’ Leprechaun… it was ok… It was more black than black and tan.

2nd row left: The Main Pub is two three stories underground in a cave like environment.

2nd row right: Two kegs outside of the port-a-potties. 

3rd row left: You know those wristbands you get when you enter concerts and events when you’re over 21? Well this was the girlfriend’s first one… she was excited.

3rd row middle: Hallway in the second floor underground. 

3rd row right: One of a few Prototype Stouts of the night. (Review here:

Bottom Row left: A coaster at the next bar we went to: The Foundry. It was cold, crowded, and not so much fun at IrishFest… So we went to The Foundry. 

Bottom Row Right: After a pizza I was full and needed something a bit lighter so New Belgium La Folie it is (review here:

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